Self-care strategies for creating a body that LOVES life! 

YouPhoria helps you to create a more resilient body and improve your wellbeing through proven, simple natural self-care.

We support you in building a healthier, more resilient body; alleviating pain, illness, disease, stress, anxiety and depression.




A New and Natural Way to Feel Better…

YouPhoria is ‘uniquely different’…

YouPhoria takes a difference approach to your wellbeing, putting you in the driving seat and based on a model of complementary natural approaches, at the core of the founders own wellbeing journey.

Founded by Carolyn Jordan, YouPhoria is based in a privately appointed, calm and welcoming Wellness Zone, and shows you how to re-gain your health, reduce pain and enhance your general wellbeing, using a blend of natural self-care techniques. 

Carolyn helps you feel better…

 …based on her own personal healing journey!


“The philosophy of what I do is different. I don’t ‘treat’ or try to ‘fix’ you as that creates a dependence on me. I simply teach you self-care; coaching and supporting you through your journey to pain-free, healthy living.

 If you are struggling with pain, injury or illness, I teach you simple ways to alleviate your own symptoms – so you can get on with the things you need to do… and enjoy doing the things you love! I am told my approach is both calming and inspirational… and it’s true that the results are oftentimes nothing short of astounding!”

 No waiting for someone else to ‘fix’ you, or for some magic pill or treatment – take back control, save time and money – and really feel the difference!

YouPhoria is your ‘go to’ choice if you want to…

Eliminate or reduce pain
Speed up recovery
Relax & sleep better
Slow down ageing!
Avoid toxic medications
Reduce disease symptoms
Improve mobility & activity
Reduce sports ailments
Avoid/prepare for surgery
Reduce the effects of stress
Improve overall health
Improve productivity

How are you feeling?

I'm struggling with pain

I'm stressed, anxious, depressed

I have problems with my health

I’m sporty, athletic or active

What our Clients are saying…

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Amazing client care - I'm a complete convert! (Katy - Leek, Staffordshire)

As someone who used to dance (ALOT!) I now often suffer with aches, pains and muscle tiredness. When Carolyn spoke about the sessions she offered with such passion, enthusiasm and belief that it was hard to not get involved with the MELT Method she practised.

Carolyn provides a wide range of treatments, methods and support which create a wellbeing experience to help the body and the mind. 

I am now completely converted to Melt and all Carolyn has to offer. She offers a warm and inviting studio and pays particular attention to all of her clients, this is to make sure they stay safe and reap the benefits from the process she offers. Regardless of ability, health, age or gender the method is perfectly suited to all.

Due to my faith and trust in the work that Carolyn and Youphoria provide, I booked a Cyclo-ssage massage. Carolyn asked about my health and where I carried any tension, the correct programme was then used for 30min of heaven whilst I relaxed and enjoyed the warm and soothing massage benefits. Carolyn checked on my health in the morning, asking if I felt any pain or discomfort and to ask if I had seen improvement (No other company I know of – offers this kind of customer service). I felt more relaxed and with greater ease when walking, my muscles were less strained and tense.

YouPhoria and Carolyn offer a profound service which benefits clients with all ailments, illness and tension etc. Her approach to client comfort and wellbeing is second to none. I will continue to recommend Carolyn to anyone who listens and will continue to use the services she offers for many years to come.

Thanks for all your help!

Fibromyalgia and Family Relaxation (Catharine - Kingsley, Staffordshire)

As a sufferer of Fibromyalgia and a few other ailments I decided to try the MELT method with Carolyn. The class was well explained and Carolyn immediately put us at ease. The class was made up of people with various different levels of pain and fitness and we were all catered for perfectly. Everything was explained as we went along. Following this I have attended an Mmmm… session which is great for relaxation and a bit of me time. Again all ages and fitness were made welcome and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone. In fact I already have! 

Thanks Carolyn for your ongoing support!

Foot Pain gone! (Ms S - Leek, Staffordshire)

I can’t believe that first Melt session I did with you – I’d had a constant pain on the flat of my heel for about a year and I was amazed that one class with a little magic ball would get rid of the pain!

So now I can dance more on a Wednesday night and be pain free.

Pain Reduction and Family Time (Mrs L - Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire)

I met Carolyn a few months ago so shared with me the benefits that MELT can bring. I have Fibromyalgia and was finding daily life extremely tough due to widespread pain, aches and stiffness throughout my body. I initially attended one of Youphoria’s Introduction to MELT sessions. During the class, Carolyn adapted the use of the MELT equipment (ball and roller) to my limited ability and movement. Immediately I saw the benefits that the use of the MELT ball and focused activities brought to my hands and for days after, my hands were virtually pain free and easier to move and use. I initially struggled with the foot activities but when I attended her most recent session, Mmmmm Experience, I was pleasantly surprised to see I was able to complete the foot activities much easier. This was after a few 121 sessions with Carolyn who showed me how to get the most out of my MELT ball.

I will definitely be attending her Mmmmm Experience again as I found the relaxation element complimented MELT perfectly and it was brilliant to find an activity that we were able to participate as a family as usually my daughter is only allowed to observe.

Highly Recommended (Mrs G - Cheshire)

I have been dancing modern jive for a few years now Carolyn and Ade are lovely teachers and lovely people. They are always there to help.
I also went for a taster session with Melt. It was very relaxing, I definitely felt different after the session. I will recommend melt to friends who suffering daily with aches and pains. Carolyn is very passionate about what she does such a lovely lady.

Back and Knee Pain Resolved (Mr B - Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire)

I suffer with ongoing back pain and knee pain. I’ve done a few 1:1 Melt sessions with Carolyn. I’ve found it easy to follow and felt immediate pain relief and increased mobility after each session. I really don’t know how it works as it’s so simple but it definitely made a difference to me and I was able to get back to my usual activities afterwards. I highly recommend this to everyone. It really makes a different if I practice regularly too.

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