Sporty, Athletic or Active Lifestyles

   Wish you could train harder or perform better?

Too many post training or post event aches and injuries?

If you are active – GREAT!

Exercise can increase cardio ability, strength and flexibility – and also your risk of injury!

Whether you practice regular full-on contact sports, racket sports, golf, football, martial arts, love to ski etc, or like to work out at the gym, take a brisk outdoor walk or even have a highly active job, regular self-care can make all the difference to your enjoyment – and results.

Playing competitive sports can give us ‘drive’ but can also drive us to overtrain and whilst exercise is beneficial in many ways, too much of a good thing can create stress in the body, setting you up for fatigue, aches and injuries – not to mention, poor performance! And often when we push the body, we start to engage poor timing in muscles, which can result in pain and injuries down the line as we start to become dependent on the wrong muscles doing a particular task for us! 

It’s all too easy to mistake fitness for health, especially if you take a ‘no pain, no gain’ approach.

Good individually tailored nutrition, coupled with regular neuro-fascial self-care are fundamental to sports performance and recovery and also correct muscle timing, and that’s exactly what we teach!

Improved training capability

Reduced muscle soreness

Improved performance

Reduced injury risk

Improved balance

Enhanced injury rehab

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