Stress, Anxiety or Depression

   Are you dragged down by stress, anxiety or depression?

Our lives today are full of stress…

Stress is natural and necessary, but when we live in a state of constant stress it has a huge impact on our lives – and our health. Furthermore, medications merely mask symptoms, often creating a dependence and wider health issues.

If you are suffering with chronic stress, plagued by anxiety or feeling low or depressed, the likelihood is that as a result your body is nutritionally depleted and toxic, which in turn feeds your state of mind further, creating a downward spiral.

There are foods that fuel stress and anxiety, but equally there are foods which calm and balance the body and nervous system, and coupled with our science-based self-care techniques, restoring balance to the nervous system becomes possible and the body begins to heal and balance, with he result that stress, anxiety and depression can be released.

What we offer isn’t counselling or coaching which works on the mind. We work on a level of physical healing and whole mind-body health which will complement any other therapies you wish to use, such as hypnotherapy, counselling, coaching, NLP etc etc. Whilst we don’t offer these services, we are able to refer you to high-quality practitioners if you wish.

Struggling to overcome the effects of stress?

Anxious or agitated?

Unable to relax or sleep?

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